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Department of Crime Victim Services Training,
Provider Certification & Statistical Analysis

  • VSPs and Notifiers/Support Staff must have their annual training requirement completed by December 31st each calendar year.
  • Basic VSPs must obtain their 15 hours of basic core training completed within one year of their date of hire.
  • Up to 12 additional hours will automatically be carried over to the following year’s certification requirement once the current year’s requirement has been completed. If you do not wish for your excess hours to carry over, you must notify CVST in writing by January 31st of the following calendar year.
  • Non-Accredited Certification Requests and required accompanying documentation are to be submitted within 30 days of the training’s completion in order to be considered for CVST credit.
  • In order to receive credit for attending an CVST accredited training, you must sign CVST’s Sign-Out Sheet(s). Also, it is imperative that you provide your VSP Identification number when signing OVSEC’s Sign-Out Sheet(s) in order to ensure proper credit is issued.
  • Presenters who would like to receive credit for presenting at OVSEC accredited trainings must sign CVST’s presenter Sign-Out Sheet(s). If a presenter attends the remainder of the training, and would like CVST credit, they should also sign the VSP, Notifiers/Support Staff training Sign-Out Sheet.

If you have any questions, please contact CVST at 803.734.0925.


Accreditation Application
To be completed by the sponsor of training and/or conference.

Non-Accredited Certification Request
To be completed by a VSP who seeks credit for trainings not approved in advance by CVST.

Victim Service Provider (VSP) Application
To be completed by all applicants who provide direct service to crime victims in South Carolina. This application is for initial registration with CVST, and to receive your VSP number, and should be completed prior to attending any trainings.

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