Training Requirements


Basic VSP Requirements

VSPs who were hired on or after January 1, 2009 are considered Basic. Basic VSPs have one year from their date of hire to complete the 15 hours of basic training.

The Core Courses of OVSEC Basic Training

  1. 1. SC Victims' Rights/Compliance/Statutes
  2. 3 hours
  3. Any type of material relating to the rights of SC victims, compliance, or statutes.
  4. Example: The new law concerning certification for all VSPs SC Code of Law, Section 16-3-1620, Section C.

  5. 2. Compensation Fund/SOVA
  6. 1 hour
  7. Any material that focuses on victim compensation or the State Office of Victim Services (SOVA).
  8. Example: SOVA requirements or how your office processes any victim compensation applications.

  9. 3. Ethics/Confidentiality
  10. 2 hours
  11. Any material that focuses on the ethics of victim advocacy and a victim's right to confidentiality.
  12. Example: The VIS or advocate notes.

  13. 4. Criminal Justice System/Court Procedures
  14. 2 hours
  15. Any material that focuses on the structure of the criminal justice system and the procedures /process of the system and court.
  16. Example: Flow chart of the CJS and how you assist a victim at each stage of victim services.

  17. 5. Case Management
  18. 2 hours
  19. Any material about case management.
  20. Example: How a circuit handles case management.

  21. 6. Communication
  22. 2 hours
  23. Any material on how to effectively communicate with a victim.
  24. Example: What to say and what not to say.

  25. 7. Specialized Training
  26. 3 hours
  27. Any type of training that may cater to a particular VSP's duties/interest within victim services.
  28. Example: A Child Abuse Advocate observing a child abuse trial. Supervisor will approve observation by requesting the specialized training request form.

  29. 15 HOURS TOTAL

Grandfathered VSP Requirements

VSPs who were hired prior to January 1, 2009, or have already completed their Basic Training requirement, are considered Grandfathered. Grandfathered VSPs must complete 12 hours of victim service related training each calendar year.

Notifiers/Support Staff Requirements

Summary Court and Detention Center employees who have been identified by their supervisor as crime victim notifiers are considered Notifiers/Support Staff. Notifiers/Support Staff must complete the 2 hour Notifiers/Support Staff training track every other calendar year.

Notifiers/Support Staff Training Track

  • 1st hour
    Review of Victim's Bill of Rights (Section 24)
  • 2nd hour
    Review of Article 15 (Detention Centers) & (Law Enforcement) & Summary of Act 141 & 343 Law Enforcement (Section 16-3-1400) & (Section 16-3-1520, 1525-notwithstanding the provisions of Section 22-5-510), Section 16-3-1530, 1535, 1540, 1545, 1550, 1560)